Killer Facts About Kevin McKidd We Bet You Didn’t Know

Kevin McKidd, with his remarkable blue eyes, has always left the audience mesmerized in almost every chance he gets. He is one of the few actors, who get the fans to feel every single emotion his character goes through, and much more, with very less words or actions. Despite being in the limelight for decades together, the star has an extremely private life, and considers his beautiful family to be his fondest accomplishment. Here are some interesting facts about the actor that will make you love him more:

  1. During the filming of his movie “Dog Soldiers,” he happened to crack a rib within just a few days. But kept it a secret from Director Neil Marshall, for the fear that he would be replaced.
  2. However, when the pain became unbearable, he revealed the injury to Marshall, after which he was replaced with Jason Statham. But, fortunately, Statham’s commitment with “Ghost of Mars,” made him turn down the offer, and McKidd was rehired after his recovery.
  3. Kevin was too happy to work in the movie “Brave,” lending the voice to Lord MacGuffin as well as Young MacGuffin, as he was able to use his natural Scottish accent in a movie, after so many years. In fact, the misunderstood dialect spoken by Young MacGuffin, is actually Doric, spoken in northeastern Scotland, including his hometown of Elgin.
  4. He initiated a Scottish folk music album “The Speyside Sessions” recorded in 2011/12 on Hogmanay in Elgin, with his old school friends being the major contributors. The album was released on June 15, 2012, in aid of Save the Children.
  5. McKidd is the only lead cast member of the movie “Trainspotting,” who is not on any of the promotional posters or even the video cover, as he went on a holiday right after wrapping up shooting, and missed the photo shoot for promos.
  6. His performance in the role as Lucius Vorenus, a soldier-politician, in the TV series “Rome,” earned him his most famous role as Dr. Owen Hunt, in the long-running medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy.”
  7. His performance as Dr. Owen Hunt has earned him the Best Performance in a Drama Series Multi-Episode Storyline Award in the 2010 Prism Awards ceremony. Apart from acting, till date, he has also been on the director’s chair of “Grey’s Anatomy” for 22 episodes, since his first directorial debut in the “Don’t Deceive Me (Please Don’t Go)” episode of Season 7.
  8. McKidd gave voice to the character of Jezz Torrent in the video game “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City,” and also the character of John “Soap” MacTavish in “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” and “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.”
  9. He was talks to portray Connor MacLeod in a remake of the 1986 fantasy film “Highlander,” but lost it to Ryan Reynolds.
  10. During the filming of the scene from “Dog Soldiers” in which his character Cooper knocks out Wells, McKidd was throwing a stage punch for the first time, and misjudged the distance, catching Sean Pertwee, who played the role of Wells, right on the nose. However, Pertwee was too drunk for the scene, to actually feel anything.
  11. His acting career started when he landed the leading role in the stageplay, “The Silver Darlings”, produced by Robert Carlyle’s Rain Dog Theatre Company, in the year 1994.
  12. McKidd was a part of the William Shakespeare’s play, “Richard III,” – a Royal Shakespeare Company production in 1996, which premiered at the Barbican Theatre in London, England.
  13. Being a part of the ensemble cast in Mike Leigh’s “Topsy Turvy,” he did his own singing in the Gilbert and Sullivan operettas portrayed in the film, and did extensive research on his historical character, in an effort to develop dialogue for his scenes.
  14. In the movie “Bedrooms and Hallways,” Kevin’s character of Leo kisses Brendan, played by James Purefoy. When the duo paired up again for the movie “Rome,” McKidd claimed the kissing sequence to have been “an unpleasant experience” for both the actors.

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