What Happened Today – August 8?

History is the ship carrying living memories to the future. – Stephen Spender.

On this day:

1509 – Krishnadevaraya, one of the most powerful Hindu rulers of then India, is crowned the king of Vijayanagara Empire by defeating Sultans of Bijapur, Golconda, the Bahmani Sultanate and the Gajapatis of Odisha.

1854 – Smith & Wesson registered their patent for metal bullets for their revolvers. It was the first revolver with self contained ammunition.

1911 – 1 millionth patent was registered at the United States Patent Office, issued to Francis Holton regarding Tubeless Tires.

1929 – Graf Zeppelin started it’s around the world tour from Lakehurst, New Jersey. It arrived back at Lakehurst on 29 August with entire journey taking 21 days 5 hours and 31 minutes including stops at various places.

1949 – India signed a peace and friendship treaty with its neighbor Bhutan that includes returning 32 sq miles of Dewangiri territory to them.

1966 – South African Government banned playing of all Beatles Songs due to some controversial remarks made by John Lennon on Christianity.

1988 – Temperature rose to a record high 88 degree Fahrenheit in New York City.

1988 – A nationwide protest against the government started by the students ended in the death of around 350-10000 people. It was also known as the 8888 uprising that also saw the rise of Aung San Suu Kyi as national icon.

1991 – Actor Gary Oldman was arrested for drunk driving and spent a night in a cell in Los Angeles. He was celebrating his recent success with fellow actor Kiefer Sutherland.

1992 – Germany wins men’s Hockey Gold Medal with a 2 -1 victory over Australia at the Barcelona Olympics.

1992 – Spain wins football Olympic Gold Medal defeating Poland 3-2 in Barcelona with the help of double strike from centre forward Kiko.

2000 – Submarine H.L Hunley was raised from the bottom of the sea after spending 136 years underneath. It played a small role in the American Civil War.

2006 – Actor Sylvester Stallone settled lawsuit with former heavyweight boxer Chuck Wepner for an undisclosed amount. He alleged that Rocky film series drew inspiration from his boxing matches.

2018 – Academy Awards introduced a new category for achievement in popular films. Under heavy criticism the category was postponed for further examination.

2018 – Kepa Arrizabalaga is signed by Chelsea for a whooping 71.6 million Pound from Athletic Bilbao on a seven year contract. It is a record signing for a goalkeeper in a club transfer.

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