Amazing Facts About Jennifer Morrison We Bet You Didn’t Know

Starting with the fairytale princess to the nerdy architect, to an alcoholic, to donning the hat of director, Jennifer Morrison just blows our mind in anything and everything she does. Her incredible portrayal of every character she plays has made it very difficult for her fans to bid goodbye to her characters in finales. And, her portfolio seems to have just started, what with the “Once Upon A Time” star venturing into new genres. With beautiful smile and impeccable performances, she has been winning the hearts of millions of people for decades. But still, there are many things about the actress that the fans may not know. Here are some interesting facts about the Morrison, who shines like the brightest star in the sky:

  1. Her character of Dr. Allison Cameron from the “House” was written out only because David Shore, the series creator wanted to make it clear that not every character around Dr. Gregory House will become corrupt. But, Shore admitted that it was way too hard to let go of Jennifer from the series.
  2. Jennifer Morrison has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated for Kids, when she was just 10 or 11 years old, along with the basketball legend Michael Jordan in the year 1992.
  3. The famous character of hers, Emma Swan from the most popular series “Once Upon A Time,” was specifically written with her in mind, and was tweaked to fit her perfectly.
  4. She was one of the chosen stars for the Top 10 of TV’s Sexiest Stars for TV Guide’s 2007 Sexy Issue, along with Evangeline Lilly, Eva Longoria, Patrick Dempsey and Josh Holloway.
  5. Jennifer made her directorial debut with the 2017 film “Sun Dogs,” which premiered at the LA Film Festival, and was later released in Netflix in April, 2018. The movie won the Best Narrative Feature Award at the 2017 SCAD Savannah Film Festival, along with three awards at the 2018 Mammoth Film Festival – Best Actor for Michael Angarano, Best Picture, and the Grandy Jury Award.
  6. Morrison graduated with a major in Theatre from Loyala University Chicago, in the year 2000. During her time there, she was part of the productions “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” by Edward Albee, “Blood Wedding” by Federico García Lorca and “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller.”
  7. As a child model, she had been in the print advertisement for JC Penney and Montgomery Ward, as well as the commercials for Rice Krispies and Mondo.
  8. Although she has never been a student of the Ball State University, in Muncie, Indiana, she portrayed a student from the university in the commercials titled “Everything You Need.”
  9. Her co-star Jesse Spencer from “House” proposed to her at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, on December 23, 2006, after a two years relationship. However, the engagement was called off in August 2007.
  10. During the filming of “Star Trek,” she was given scripts only for her scenes, keeping her in the dark for what her co-stars will perform. In fact, the entire movie was shot with high level security and ultra-secrecy, with only a few people getting to know the entire script.
  11. She was featured in the music video for ‘Demon Days (Do It All Again)’ by Wild Wild Horses, which is also directed by herself.
  12. Morrison is the only guest star in the entire series of “How I Met Your Mother” to have appeared in half the episodes of a given season. The show’s executive producer claimed her character of Zoey Pierson, Ted Mosby’s love interest, to be “the biggest female character we’ve maybe ever added to the show in Ted’s life.”

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