What Happened Today – August 9?

History is not a burden on the memory but an illumination of the soul – Lord Acton

On This Day:

48 BC – Pompey is defeated by Julius Caesar in the battle of Pharsalus. Pompey then flees to Egypt.

1173 – Construction of Leaning Tower of Pisa begins, however it takes 2 centuries to complete.

1842 – Webster – Ashburton Treaty was signed between The United States of America and Canada (British North American Colonies at that time) to settle border disputes.

1892 – Thomas Alva Edison received patent for a two way telegraph with the knowledge acquired from working as a telegraph operator for many years. He went on to hold patents for 1093 inventions in the U.S alone.

1925 – A train robbery between Kakori and Lucknow during the Indian Independence Movement against the British Government also known as Kakori Conspiracy was conspired by Ram Prasad Bismil and Ashfaqullah Khan belonging to HRA. The robbery was aimed at stealing more than Rs.100000, resulted in a death of one innocent.

1942 – British Government arrests Mahatma Gandhi and 50 others after All India Congress passes Quit India Movement Campaign.

1945 – United States of America drops “Fat Man” an Atomic bomb in Nagasaki, Japan killing 35000 people including 28200 Japanese war workers, 2000 Korean workers and 150 Japanese soldiers.

1965 – Singapore becomes the first and the only country to achieve independence unwillingly when it was expelled from Malaysia.

1974 – U.S president Richard Nixon became the first president of the country to resign from the post due to his involvement in the Watergate Scandal of 1972. He was replaced by the vice president Gerald Ford.

1999 – Russian President Boris Yeltsin sacks Prime Minister Sergei Stepash in and his entire cabinet and names head of Federal Security Services Vladimir Putin as the successor. This is the fourth time he has sacked his entire cabinet. Putin went on to become the President.

2006 – 24 suspected terrorists are arrested in various parts of London, in connection with the plot to detonate liquid explosives in transatlantic flights between U.S, U.K and Canada. They were planning to use peroxide based liquid explosives on board the flights disguised as soft drinks.

2014 – An 18 year old African-American male, Michael Brown was shot dead by Ferguson Police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. It was alleged that Brown assaulted the officer and tried to steal his weapon.

2019 – By planting 220 million trees in a single day, Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh, India, created a world record. They also distributed around 66000 tree samplings for free in Prayagraj, thus creating another record.

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