Incredible Facts About The Gorgeous Phoebe Tonkin You Never Knew Before

From a mermaid, to a powerful witch, to a vampire, to a werewolf, to a hybrid, Phoebe Jane Elizabeth Tonkin, has kind of done every possible character related to the supernatural world. And Phoebe has turned and twisted every single role, in her own way, making her performance stand out. It’s pretty much very easy to fall in love with her, as all it takes is a mesmerizing smile from her. But, it’s not just her beautiful face, as it’s her talent that pulls you in, leaving you wanting to watch more of her performances. Here are some interesting facts about the actress that will make you love her more:

  1. Her performance as Faye Chamberlain in “The Secret Circle” was praised by the critics, calling her as the break-out star of the series, despite the show being cancelled after the first season.
  2. Phoebe was listed on Variety’s list of “New Faces to Watch” as well as the E!Online’s list of “Break-out TV stars” in the year 2011.
  3. During the pre-production stage of “H2O: Just Add Water,” she improved her swimming abilities for her role as Mermaid Cleo Sertori. Her performance earned her a nomination for the “Best Lead Actress in a Television Series” award at the prestigious Australian Film Institute Awards.
  4. Apart from swimming training, she also had to undergo a rigorous training process, along with her co-stars to get their bodies ready for the extra weight of tails. Phoebe also learned breath holding exercises, to help with holding their breath underwater for long periods of time.
  5. Tonkin was featured as the lead in the music video for Miles Fisher’s single “Don’t Let Go,” in the year 2011.
  6. Born in Sydney, Australia, she went to pony camp during all of her summer holidays. She also had a golden retriever, Kari, as a pet.
  7. She was the face of stylist Ilona Hamer’s swimwear line “Matteau Swim” from 2015 to 2017, for three consecutive seasons. In 2015, she also played a major role in the launch of the lifestyle clothing line for Witchery.
  8. Her film debut was with the Australian movie “Tomorrow, When the War Began,” as as Fiona “Fifi” Maxwell. Following this movie, she moved to Los Angeles at the young age of 21, to pursue an international acting career.
  9. Tonkin was featured in the Jenni Kayne’s #findyouruniform fashion campaign along with Lara Bingle and TyLynn Nguyen in May 2018.
  10. After watching a few shows of the magician David Copperfield at a very young age, she immediately fell in love with him, and claims him to be her first celebrity crush.
  11. Phoebe opened a website related to health with her friend Teresa Palmer called “Your Zen Life” in the year 2012. But she stepped down from her involvement with the website in June 2015, due to her work schedule.
  12. Growing up, she had always wanted to be a Fireman, well Fire-woman technically. But, her dream never materialized.
  13. Tonkin, a very good dancer, started attending several dance courses, classical ballet, hip hop, contemporary dance and tap dance, at the very young age of 4. By the age of 12, she enrolled for various courses at the Australian Theatre for Young People at the Wharf Theatre, including Shakespeare, Script to Stage, Clowning Around and Musical Theatre.

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