Surprising Facts About Stephen Amell You Never Knew Before

Stephen Amell took on the unenviable task of building the superhero universe and hit a bull’s eye (in Arrow’s sense), all with a smile in his lips. What’s more is that, he did it all, with a relatively unknown superhero Oliver Queen, who became the root of the “Arrowverse.” But, it’s not just about “The Arrow” when it comes to the Canadian actor, as Amell also keeps making headlines for his charity campaigns and philanthropic works. Here are some interesting facts about the actor, who is one of the best human beings in the world:

  1. Amell, through the crowd funded merchandise platform, has been part of the campaign for children’s hospice Emily’s House in Toronto, in which an amount of $300,000 was raised.
  2. Stephen invented the word “Sinceriously,” designed in a T-shirt, for the 2015 campaign for Stand for the Silent and Paws and Stripes, two mental health charities.
  3. He actually used his guest appearance on “WWE Raw” with Stardust for fund raising for the campaign. He and Stardust presented the cheque at Emily’s House. Stephen had been involved in several campaigns through
  4. Amell’s performance in the tag team match with Neville, against Stardust and King Barrett, was praised by wrestlers all over the world. Particularly, his dive onto Stardust, during the match, earned him a Slammy for the “Celebrity Moment of the Year.”
  5. Stephen Adam Amell born in Toronto, Canada, is the great-great-great-grandson of Benjamin Devitt, the Mayor of Waterloo, Ontario. His great-great-grandfather – Louis Jacob Breithaupt was also the Mayor of Berlin, Ontario. His family surname of Amell, was spelled as “Hamel” several generations back, and is said to have originated in France.
  6. Stephen was the very first actor to have auditioned for the role of Oliver Queen / Green Arrow in “Arrow,” out of the thousand actors. He is also the only actor to have appeared in every episode of the series, except for the penultimate episode of the final season.
  7. He made a donation of $35,000 to the Red Nose Day special of “American Ninja Warrior,” for completing all six obstacles, and an extra obstacle, the Salmon Ladder.
  8. He was one of the three finalists to play Spartacus in the show Spartacus, after Andy Whitfield was unable to continue playing the character. But lost it to Liam McIntyre.
  9. Following the Southern California Fires of November 8 to November 21, 2018, he initiated a crowdrise campaign for the first responders and the wildfire victims. The Woosley Fire burned nearly 96,949 acres of land.
  10. Amell announced on Michael Rosenbaum’s podcast that his new show “Heels” will most likely premiere June 2021. The production of the show is set to start in August 2020.
  11. He also added that he would be performing all the stunts of his character, without using body doubles, in the show, which is set in the world of independent professional wrestling.
  12. He partnered with Fuck Cancer charity and released the T-shirt featuring his face as part of their fundraising campaign. Stephen effectively sold 60,000 shirts raising almost a million dollars.
  13. In his first ever singles wrestling match at “All In” held on August 6, 2018, Stephen Amell was defeated by Christopher Daniels.
  14. “The Arrow” series’ crew and cast were in the middle of the contract renewals, when Stephen announced his decision to quit the show, as he wanted to spend more time with his family. Immediately, it was decided that the show will end with the eighth season.

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