Unknown Facts About ‘Money Heist’ – ‘La Casa de Papel’ Even Die-Hard Fans Don’t Know

With charming characters and captivating storyline, nail-biting suspense, “Money Heist” or “La Casa de Papel” is kind of short on nothing, as it brings not just the thrill of a heist, but love, friendship, and most importantly trust, all-in-one entertainment package. It is one of those shows which are highly impossible to predict, keeping the audience on the toes, and are worthy of binge-watching. The entire series, revolving around the heist, has lot more to it, that fans may not be aware of. Here are some interesting facts about the show that will make you it even more:

  1. The Iconic Dali mask worn in the series is a tribute to the famous painter Salvador Dali, best known for his unconventional painting, modern sculptures, and controversial work of arts. Nevertheless he was the pride of Spain. Most of the philosophies of Salvador Dali match with the crew’s philosophy and hence they chose that mask.
  2. The series was considered a failure after the season 1 release on the Spanish TV channel Antena 3. It drew 4.5 million viewers after the first episode but, audience lost the interest due to various factors, including broadcasting time slot. After Netflix acquired international rights to stream worldwide, it became an instant hit.
  3. “Bella Ciao” the song used in this series is actually an Old Italian country folk song that was used by the resistance against Benito Mussolini during WWII. This song has been rerecorded and translated into many languages throughout the history. It can still be found around the world during protests.
  4. Denver’s Laugh was actually written in the script as “trashy Laugh”. Each person who auditioned for that role interpreted that differently.
  5. Famous Brazilian Footballer Neymar Jr. has a cameo appearance in the series as a monk. He appears as the monk Joao, in the episodes 6 and 8 of season 3, who doesn’t like football or parties, exactly what Neymar is known for.
  6. According to the initial script, The Professor and Berlin were not meant to be brothers. But Alvaro Morte and Pedro Alonso created a backstory to their characters where Berlin was born to The Professor’s father’s first marriage.
  7. Every character name involved in the heist is based on the national capital of various countries, except 4. Denver, Rio, Palermo and Marseille are names of the famous cities but not national capitals.
  8. The name of the series “La Casa de Papel” translates to “The House of Paper”. When Netflix acquired the rights and renamed it has “Money Heist”, it was loved by the audience all around the world, becoming the most watched Netflix’s show in 2019. It also won the Iris Award for Best Screenplay.
  9. Rio played by Miguel Herran is the youngest of all the characters involved in the heist at 19 years. Herran was only 20 when he was cast in the series.
  10. The Bank of Spain heist in the third season was planned as realistically as possible. The creators of the series did some extensive research into the real vault of Bank of Spain and even hired a marine engineer to design the antechamber when the vault floods with water.
  11. Tokyo was the first character name to be finalized for the series. Producer and Director Jesus Colmenar got the idea when he saw Alex Pina wearing a T-shirt with the name “Tokyo” printed on it. Within minutes all the characters were given the names of the series.
  12. All the episodes were shot in order and were written simultaneously as the episodes were filmed. The actors did not know the fate of their character in advance and they messaged each other in excitement when new script was given to them.

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