5 Biggest Twists Ever From ‘The Walking Dead’ Series

From the moment Rick Grimes woke up all alone in a hospital bed, “The Walking Dead,” with its stunning visualizations and brutal gore scenes of bloody beheadings, walker attacks, has taken us through a real cruel world, where Zombie attacks are kind of secondary. The very strong characterizations in the series have led to the show surpassing even the comic books it is based on.

In the last decade of “The Walking Dead,” fans have always been hit with the most did-not-see-that-coming plot twists, including the death of most lovable characters. So, let’s get straight to the point, and here is the list of five biggest plot twists in the series, in our opinion.

Rick Is Alive

Just these words would be enough to bring out several emotions in a die-hard “The Walking Dead” fan, as fans literally went nuts, when the actor Andrew Lincoln confirmed that he was leaving the series. Of course, in the most logical departure way in “The Walking Dead” world would be his death. And man, what a heroic death it was.

Always the protector of the family, he bid his goodbyes in Season 9, by blowing up the bridge, he was too dedicated to building. But, it was certainly not the end of our beloved hero, as Jadis discovered a wounded Rick.

Hershel’s Death

While nothing the Governor does has surprised “The Walking Dead” fans, the death of Hershel, one of the most beloved characters of the show, was totally unexpected, as viewers thought somehow he will be saved in the nick of time. But, the moment Hershel’s head rolled to the ground, it was the most shocking twist ever in the series history.

It’s true that Hershel didn’t have much of a fan-following when the show started, what with his character being a wise man who preached morals, caution and hope. But still, with every season, fans grew to love him and his loss was devastating not to just the other characters but even the fans.

Sophia Walking Out Of The Barn

After being searched for ages, Sophia walking out of the barn as a snarling and snapping walker was totally an unimaginable thing, which kind of set an even higher standard for “The Walking Dead.” It was not just Carol who breaks apart, but every single character, who just killed walker upon walker without a second thought. The moment when Rick shoots her and Sophia falls down is certainly the most unforgettable heart-wrenching scene ever.

Glenn Being Alive

We are talking about Season 6 death of Glenn in such a lackluster fashion, under a cowardly Nicholas. Being one of the fan-favorite characters, fans were totally livid looking at all the blood and guts, thinking it to be Glenn’s. But, after a really painful month of missing him, it was revealed that he had managed to survive under a dumpster, a really spectacular twist that left viewers sighing in relief.

Still, Glenn’s fate was not that great, as he met his end at the hand of Negan at the beginning of Season 7, in the gruesome “The Walking Dead” kind of fashion, which left the audiences more upset. In fact, the brutal nature of his death even turned a lot of fans off from the show.

Lori Giving Birth

If there’s any show in the world that brings the best moments and twists with the gruesome death of beloved characters, it’s none other than “The Walking Dead” series. Lori’s death amidst a zombie prison riot, after giving birth to her daughter, Judith may be just another day in the world “The Walking Dead.” Still, Lori giving birth in a painful and agonizing labor, with Maggie performing a C-section, and Carl shooting Lori, his own mother, in order to prevent her from becoming a walker, is not something that anybody would have expected.

However, these totally out of the ordinary, unexpected plot twists, so gore and brutal, are what that makes “The Walking Dead” the greatest show. In fact, any die-hard fans have come to expect more bloodshed, and would not have it any other way.

Have we missed any major twist? Do let us

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