The Boys: 5 Fan Theories & Expectations That Could Happen In Season 2

Just as Amazon Prime’s “The Boys” premiered, it kind of became everyone’s favorite for its unconventional storyline of a covert group trying to keep the super-powered people in check. This unusual superhero world, based on the comic book series by Grant Ennis, quickly garnered the attention of millions of viewers, leaving them excited for more.

In fact, even those comic fans were surprised by the out-of-the box plot that the show gave us. With the premiere date of Season 2 nearing, the internet is bombarded with several fan theories. Here are some plausible theories that viewers could get to see in “The Boys” Season 2:

Epic Showdown – The Boys Vs The Seven:

It pretty much seemed that both The Boys as well as The Seven had all their cards on the table, in the Season 1 finale. The momentum which has been building between both the groups have kind of reached an all new level, especially when The Seven had become aware that The Boys were behind the recent attempts to bring them down.

While the upcoming season is expected to pace itself, before the most awaited all-out war, there is no chance for the show to slow down the rivalry either, making it even more exciting. Season 1 has pretty much set the stage for it already, and Season 2 is surely going to be a celebration.

Redemption Arc for A-Train:

One of the best parts of the Season 1 Finale, was Hughie saving A-Train, even though A-Train was the one responsible for his girlfriend’s death, all be it, accidental. But, instead of just leaving him to die from the overdose of Compound V, Hughie saving him, was a turning point for A-Train, as he regrets doing those terrible things. It would be really interesting to see the change in the superhero, and it will not be surprising, if he decides to help Hughie for saving him.

Digging Vought Corporation:

While the show is all about the superheroes being evil, there is no way to forget the cause of everything – Vought Corporation, the company that has been experimenting on babies to create Heros with incredible abilities. We are certain that the company which handles all the superhero branding has a lot more skeleton in their closets.  There are also theories of the Vought Corporation having created another Homelander, which is not something entirely impossible. So, digging the affairs of the company could be a potential storyline for “The Boys” Season 2.

Deeper Storyline for The Deep:             

One of the Seven members, who is expected to come back with a deeper change is The Deep, the King of Sea, a riff on Aquaman. “The Boys” Season 2 teaser has given a glimpse of an all new angrier Deep. OF course the existential crisis he was in, after being kicked of the team by the Seven, has brought about a great change in him. However, is the change good or bad for the Seven members, is yet to be seen.

Redemption of Queen Maeve:

A cynical alcoholic, who is no better than her teammates in the Seven, Queen Maeve was not an interesting character initially. But, as the season 1 progressed, she became one of the most incredible ones, as the fans got to know that there is more to her than that meets the eye. In fact, among all of the original members of the Seven, she is the one who struggles the most with the guilt of doing those horrible things, and has also wanted to change. Fans are hopeful that the upcoming season will feature Queen Maeve in a path to move away from the Seven, in redeeming herself.

“The Boys” Season 2 will premiere on September 4, 2020 on Amazon Prime. The series has also been renewed for the third season, earlier this year.

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