14 Killer Facts About Karl Urban Every Fan Must Know

Karl Urban, with his dark intense eyes and deep commanding voice, has always made his presence felt even in small recurring roles of iconic series. And when it comes to his major roles in blockbuster movies, he knew how to leave a great impression among the audience. Be it his role as Dr. Leonard McCoy in the “Star Trek” franchise or the role of Skurge in “Thor: Ragnarok,” Urban’s performance was not something that can be easily forgotten. And now, with his role as Billy Butcher in “The Boys,” he is even taking over the die-hard fans of superheroes. Here are some interesting facts about the actor that will make you love him more:

  1. His first acting stint was at an early age of 8 when he delivered a single line in the New Zealand TV series “Pioneer Woman.”
  2. He was considered for the role of James Bond in “Casino Royale”, however he was not able to make the audition due to filming commitments.
  3. During the office fight scene in the movie “RED”, Karl Urban threw the cup much faster than what Bruce Willis had expected. The surprised reaction by Willis was real.
  4. Karl Urban almost did not reprise his role of Dr. Leonard McCoy in the movie “Star Trek Beyond” in 2016. It was the director Justin Lin, who convinced him to stay for the project.
  5. In the movie “Thor: Ragnarok”, Skurge played by Karl Urban gives a pose with two guns on a pile of corpses which is similar to the cover art on the Doom Video Game. Incidentally, Urban played a part in the movie “Doom” in 2005.
  6. He was born in Wellington, New Zealand and was introduced to acting through his mother who worked in Film Facilities in Wellington. His father was a German immigrant who owned a leather goods store.
  7. In the movie “Dredd” in 2012, he never removed his helmet nor did he smile on the sets to stay in the character. So much so that, when a cast member made a joke and invoked laughter all around, Urban gave him a Dredd star and made him apologize immediately.
  8. He is a very big fan of Star Trek franchise. He bought the complete series on DVDs and watched with his son. Shortly afterwards he was cast as Dr. Leonard McCoy in the movie “Star Trek” in 2009.
  9. During a train fight sequence in the movie “Priest” in 2011, Karl Urban accidently steps on Paul Bettany’s hand. The cry of pain from Bettany was real, but Urban thought it was part of the act.
  10. Karl Urban dared close friend and actor Jack Black to play the role of an extra for a day on the sets of the movie “Pathfinder” in 2007. Black accepted the challenge.
  11. He played 4 different characters – Emperor Julius Caesar, Cupid – the son of Aphrodite and Caesar, Kor – the Caveman and Mael – a biblical character, in various seasons of the TV Series “Xena: Warrior Princes.”
  12. To play the role of Eomer, the Horseman in “Lord of the Rings” movies, he practiced horse riding for two hours a day for 6 weeks. He also practiced the neck rein – controlling and steering the horse in one hand to wield a sword in another.
  13. He has been part of the three huge franchises; “The Lord of the Rings,” “The Bourne Trilogy” and “The Chronicles of Riddick.” However, he was introduced only in the second installments of all the franchises.
  14. He has 2 sons, Hunter and Indiana with his wife Natalie Wihongi. She was his makeup artist during the movie “The Privateers” in 2000. He separated from Wihongi in 2014, after 10 years of marriage.

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