5 Times Jack Kline Stole Our Hearts In “Supernatural”

The youngest member of the “Supernatural” family, Jack Kline, made his entry only at the very end of Season 12 that too born as a young adult huddled in the corner, eyes glowing yellow. Let’s not forget the part that he is the nephilim son of Lucifer. But, even though his parentage is enough to make us believe his character to be as evil as Lucifer, fans were immediately drawn to the performance of Alexander Calvert, quickly making his character one of the fan-favorites.

Especially his bond with Dean Winchester, is one of the amazing relationships that the show has ever given us. Jack looking up to Dean, even though the latter considered the Nephilim to be really dangerous, kind of wrenched our hearts. Later, when their relationship evolved to that of a father son, in which they did things that Dean did with his father, made us fall more n love with the Lucifer’s son. Here is the list of our favorite Jack Moments from “Supernatural,” that we will never ever forget:

What the hell am I?

In an intense battle with the angels who try to capture Jack, the Winchesters discover Jack being unharmed by angel blades. This is the very first instance for Jack to grabble with the reality of being a Nephilim and the extent of his power. But, the kid repeatedly stabbing himself with a knife, only to see his wounds healing instantaneously, pulls at our heart.

His fear of being unable to control his powers and the thought that he would hurt someone makes Jack doubt himself, if he would be really evil. But, that particular scene earned him his place in the hearts of die-hard “Supernatural” fans.

Killing Zachariah

Despite his good intentions, Jack has constantly been exposed to the prejudice of humans since the start. And the attack by angels on the rebel army camp is even blamed on Jack, with Bobby claiming him to have betrayed their location on purpose. However, having taking Sam and Dean as his family, Jack refuses to listen to Mary, who asks him to hide, and instead fights for those in trouble.

Bobby even apologizes for his words, but Jack simply states that he had to do what Sam and Dean would have done in that situation, and once again proves his true nature to protect others. By defeating the angels, he finally feels that he has used his power to help people, rather than hurting them.

Trying to make new friends

One of the best things about Jack Kline is, his innocence and the scene in which he tries to get social with teens – Eliot, Max and Stacy, but accidentally injures Stacy, proves it. In fact, he is just two years old, at this point and there is a very big world for him that is yet to be known. While this particular scene includes some funny moments too, there is no denying the sadness it had to it too.

Fans get to see how much he wants to impress the teens and bond with them, and went on to do everything he could, to show off his skills and knowledge of monsters and creatures. After all, the kid only wanted to be liked by others.

Meeting Kelly in heaven

Jack’s death is something that every fan had a very difficult time dealing with. But, the moment Jack got to meet his mother, made it clear that the pain his death brought was worth it. Every Jack fan knew that it was something that he had longed for, as we did see him asking a shape shifter to transform into his mother, so he can get a sense of closure.

Jack had always wanted to be a boy to his parents, and he even tried to give Lucifer a chance, not wanting to believe the words of others about his father. But, this moment with his mother Kelly, and the special bond between them, was amazing. Although the moment didn’t last as long as we wished, we are really happy that Jack had it finally. Fans got to see Jack as just a son, which also made him realize he had a family of his own, in the Winchesters and Castiel.

The road trip with Dean

While Dean was the one who didn’t believe in Jack initially, it was he would became a father figure for him in the end. What started as a very complicated relationship, evolved into a father and son bond eventually, with Dean being the one Jack looked up to.

Jack, knowing that he was dying, wanted to experience as much as possible, and Dean accompanied him on a road trip then fishing. The dire situation of Jack, played with our heartstrings and made us sob our eyes out when he said he is going to miss spending time with Dean. These moments of Jack and Dean together, will forever be etched into our hearts.

What was your favorite Jack moment in “Supernatural”? Please let us know in the comments below.

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