14 Unknown Facts About ‘The 100’ Even Die-Hard Fans Don’t Know

When “The 100” aired for the first time, the dystopian setting, the complex characters, and not to forget the gritty storyline, made sure to captivate the audience. Even after six fully completed seasons, the storyline is fresh, leaving the fans in awe with just as every episode airs. In fact, “The 100” series, which has been known for its extremely difficult questions, has never granted the die-hard fans, any easy answers, always keeping them on their toes.

Since the very beginning the show, lauded as a feminist show, has had women as the ultimate heroes as well as the gruesome villains, and almost everything in between. But still, the entire series has more to it, than these gorgeous yet dangerous female characters. Here are some really interesting facts about the series we bet you may not know:

  1. Ivana Milicevic, who played the character of Charmaine Diyoza, found out that she was pregnant, just a day before she had to start filming her character’s scenes for the fifth season of the series. In fact, in the episode “Shifting Sands” from Season 5, it was almost impossible to hide her pregnancy.
  2. In the series, the language spoken by the grounders called Trigedasleng, is said to have been created by the same person who created Dothraki, the language spoken in “Game of Thrones.”
  3. During the filming of the episode “The 48” – Episode 1 – Season 2, Eliza Taylor, who plays the lead character of Clarke Griffin, is said to have suffered an unexpected injuring on the sets.
  4. In “Murphy’s Law” – Episode 4 – Season 1, the scene in which Charlotte jumped off the cliff was said to have been filmed at 4: 00 a.m. Eliza Taylor claimed that particular day to be one of the “longest” and “hardest” days.
  5. The City of Light scene from the episode 13 “Join or Die” from the Season 3, was actually filmed in downtown Vancouver, BC, in which the patios of some outdoor restaurants can also be seen in the background.
  6. As per the initial drafts of the episode “A Lie Guarded” from Season 4, the opening sequence was an assassination attempt on King Roan. But, after filming the sequence was cut to make space for other plots.
  7. It has been reported that the very first episode “Eden” of the Season 5 of the series, took the entire cast and crew nearly 15 days to complete filming.
  8. The pilot episode of the series is actually the only episode of the entire series to have featured Kelly Hu, as her character has never been mentioned again.
  9. Even the character of Jasper Jordan was supposed to die in this episode, but the character’s fate was changed later, since the entire cast as well as the crew like Devon Bostick so much.
  10. In the Episode 3 of Season 2 – “Reapercussions,” the dam that Clarke and Anya jump off from, is actually a fictional dam named Philpott Dam, said to have been named after the show’s production designer – James Philpott.
  11. The ending of the Season 3 finale episode – “Perverse Instantiation: Part Two,” was rewritten before filming, as the original ending was too dark with Jasper committing suicide after coming out of the City of Light.
  12. In the episode “Fog of War” from Season 2, the original script had a scene in which Clarke and Finn bury the body of Delano, played by Brendon Zub. However, even after filming the sequence, it did not make it into the final cut.
  13. In an effort to make Octavia’s horse Helios, lick her hand in the final scene of the episode “A Lie Guarded,” the crew members had to use molasses.
  14. Eli Goore was supposed to reprise his role as Wells Jaha in the Episode 7 – “Nevermind” of Season 6, as the original script had an exclusive scene for him. However, due conflicts in his filming schedule, the scene was cut.

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