14 Untold Facts About The Vikings TV Series Even Some Die-Hard Fans Don’t Know

About a millennium ago, the Vikings traveled throughout the world and invaded lands in the European continent. Their culture and customs to their unique hairstyles, has always had a significant role in the history, with their saga named the Viking Age. And now, with the “Vikings” TV series, we get to see and experience everything about the Norse culture, we have imagined. In fact, it’s not just about experience anymore, as the cast of the TV series, along with the gripping storyline, has created a humongous fan base. But still there are a lot more to the show, than just these simple things. Here are some interesting facts about the “Vikings” TV series, that every fan should know:

  1. The episode 15 – “All His Angels” from Season 4, was claimed as the most difficult episode to film, by Travis Fimmel, due to very poor weather conditions. It was very cold on the sets, combined with rainfalls.
  2. The majority Northumbrain soldiers in this episode were actually played by extras who often played Vikings. It was reported that most of these extras felt very strange to be a part of the Northumbrain soldiers who were torturing their Vikings leader.
  3. Initially, composer Trevor Morris was not happy with the score for the series, which he himself created. He got the Norweigan musician Einar Selvik involved in the score, providing Norse lyrics, along with authentic instruments specified for the Viking age. It was only then that Morris was convinced that the score was unique for the show.
  4. The distinctive jewelry pieces used in the “Vikings” were all made by hand by a South Carolina artisan called The Crafty Celt, who has been researching Viking Era and Early Celtic jewelry for more than a decade.
  5. In the Episode 2 of Season 1 – “Wrath of the Northmen,” the languages heard in the background when the anchor arrives are actually present day Danish and Swedish.
  6. To create the effect of teary eyes when Ragnar is crying on the beach in “Brother’s War,” Vaseline was smeared on the lens around Travis Fimmel, making almost everything around him appear blurry.
  7. Floki’s capture and imprisonment in the episode – “Kill the Queen” is actually based on the capture and imprisonment of the Norse God, Loki.
  8. Adam Copeland was informed well in advance about Kjetill going to massacre and cannibalize Eyvind’s family in revenge. In fact, he was informed by Michael Hirst even before the filming of Season 5 commenced.
  9. In the Blu-Ray release, in episode 5 of Season 1 – “Raid,” Helga is actually naked when Bjorn comes to Floki for help. However, in the Hulu’s streaming version, she was fully clothed.
  10. Ragnar was carried into Paris in “The Dead” episode in a chest that is shaped like a ship. According to the common Norse custom, prominent figures are buried in ships.
  11. Also, Ragnar’s plot to fake death for invading Paris, is said to be actually based on an actual plan of Bjorn Ironside in the 9th
  12. The Sicily set used in the fourth episode – “The Plan,” of Season 5, was built for the exterior shots of Jerusalem, most notably the final siege, in Ridley Scott’s 2005 film “Kingdom of Heaven.”
  13. The ship burial with human sacrifice in the episode 6 “Burial of the Dead” of Season 1, closely follows the description of a Viking funeral given by the 10th century Arab travel writer Ahmad ibn Fadlan.
  14. The waterfall featured in “The Most Terrible Thing” episode is actually Gullfors, close to Thingvellir, where Iceland’s first parliament was located.

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