‘Supernatural’ – ‘Emotions are Stratospheric’ – Jared Padalecki on Final Day of Filming

After giving life to the character of Sam Winchester in the “Supernatural” series for 15 years, Jared Padalecki bid goodbye to his character on the final day of filming, with an extremely emotional message.

The man, who stole the limelight, just with his presence, throughout the 15 seasons of the long-running series, claimed his emotions to be stratospheric. He also thanked his co-stars, crew members and the fans for all their love.

“I write this as I head to my last day of #Supernatural,” Padalecki wrote on his official Instagram account, along with an image of himself, on his way to the sets. “My last day with #SamWinchester. Obviously, my head is spinning and my emotions are stratospheric, but there’s still a bit of time left on the clock. Thank y’all SO MUCH for the incredible amount of love and support that’s been headed our way, in these final hours. It’s definitely been felt. I’ll check in soon, but, for now, #WeHaveWorkToDo.”


The cast and crew, including Jensen Ackles and series creator Eric Kripke, have been sharing memories and messages on social media. The series has got hashtag #ThankyouSupernatural trending on the final day of shooting.

“Supernatural” was supposed to wrap up back in spring of 2020, but was delayed due to the shutdowns related to ongoing pandemic, as the final two episodes were yet to be filmed. As of now, there are a total of seven episodes left to air from the Season 15.

With all the extra time to give the fans a powerful ending, the “Supernatural” crew even planned to turn the final seven episodes into a bit of celebration, for the special occasion, as a memorable good-bye for the audience.

As for Jared Padalecki, he will be playing the titular role in The CW’s upcoming TV series “Walker,” which is a reboot of the 1993–2001 television series “Walker, Texas Ranger.” The new show is scheduled to premiere in January 2021.

The final episodes of the “Supernatural” series will be back on The CW on Thursday, October 8, 2020 at 8 p.m. ET. After uncountable battles with hell, heaven and earth, the series’ finale will air on November 19, 2020.

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