‘NCIS’ Season 18 To Return Mid-November: Nicholas Torres’s Family & Past Storyline; More of Gibbs & Torres Together

The most popular “NCIS” series star Wilmer Valderrama has teased the fans about his character Nicholas Torres’s fate in the Season 18, and that the upcoming season, which will probably be back by mid-November, will get to see more about who he actually is.

Talking about getting back to work on the sets, the actor said that the upcoming storyline for his character will be focus more of his upbringing, and also give the audience the reason to why Torres is the way he is.

“We’re going to be finding out so much more about his past this season. This season is going to really focus a lot on where he really came from, what was his upbringing and his family, so we’re going to get learn a little bit more about his family since Torres has been such a mystery to the audience for the last four years,” Valderrama told TVInsider.

“It’s going to be fun to peel some of the layers off and really give the audience a little bit more justification of why he is the way he is. That excites me because as an actor, that’s what you want. You want to play those layers. You want to play the peeling of those layers and become more vulnerable because that’s what brings you closer to the other characters,” he added.

Valderrama said that his character Torres has realized that he had a lot more in common with Gibbs, and “In the last season, you saw a lot of them come together as the veteran wolf coming in with the young wolf and you’re going to see that play out a lot this season, how Gibbs is going to seem a little bit and feel a little bit responsible for the restructuring of Torres’ morality. He’s going to be a major influence in how he evolves as a leader, and that’s what’s going to be really fun to watch is just seeing Torres boycott that, “I’m only here part-time,” but really, internally, he knows he’s learned to make them the family he never really had.”

“NCIS” is among the first major network shows to have returned to the sets, after the worldwide shut down due to COVID-19, which the actor claimed to be a part of a learning curve. He added that there are so many protocols and guidelines which are really necessary at a time like this.

According to Valderrama, if everything goes as per the plan, new episodes of “NCIS” will be back by mid-November. However, there is no official date set as of now.

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