The ‘Masked Singer’ Season 4 Star Unmasks Himself in Strangest Reveal

First time ever in the history of the “Masked Singer,” the celebrity did the unmasking themselves, on the second episode of the Season 4, leaving every single person in the world in utter shock.

And the celebrity was none other than the Oscar and Razzie-nominated actor – Mickey Rourke.

Rourke, who has been performing as the Gremlin, was the second performer to leave “The Masked Singer” in Season 4, as his furry, hot costume might be one of the reasons to the premature exit.

“Dammit, it’s hot, I’m taking it off,” Rourke said, before taking off his mask, right after performing, much to the surprise of the show’s panelists and host Nick Cannon.

“Wait, Gremlin, what are you doing?” hollered host Nick Cannon, after Rourke declared that it was “too damn hot” and proceeded to behead himself right then and there. “What’s happening? The Gremlin’s telling me he wants to take this [headpiece] off! Gremlin, you can’t do that! That’s not part of the show! … Men in Black, I need some help! We’ve lost control. It’s the Gremlin’s show!”

“No one has ever done this!” noted judge Nicole Scherzinger.

The Panelist was not able to give their final guesses, as Rourke took off his mask, even before the show got to that point. However, panelist Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg correctly guessed him even earlier.

Rourke-as-the-Gremlin performed Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me,” which he dedicated to his friend –Willy DeVille, a musician who died in 2009. “It meant a lot because this song was sung by one of my best friends ever, Willy DeVille,” he said. “Willy passed away a long time ago and I’ve missed him for a long time. I think the other night for some reason Willy sent me this song.”

Rourke opted not to do any press regarding his exit, further leaving all involved baffled. Asked on the show by Cannon why he wanted to do “The Masked Singer,” Rourke said, “I was in the neighborhood. I like the show, I watched four episodes and they asked if I’d be interested so I watched from the very beginning and all that shit.”

If you want a hot clue to finding my identity, just look into stocks and bonds.

Last week, in the “Masked Singer” Season 4 premiere episode, the fire-breathing Dragon was revealed to be none other than 12-time Grammy nominee Busta Rhymes.

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