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Is Organic Food Really Pesticide Free? Is It Healthier Than Conventional Ones? Think Again!

Two decades ago, there was nothing known as Organic food, with the major difference while shopping being related to the various brands. And the most common concept – the higher the price – the better the quality! So, there was pretty much no doubt among the consumers when Organic Foods came into existence, who believed it to be safe and

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Do We Have Only 5 Senses? Or 11 Senses?

The word “human senses” immediately makes us think of smell, touch, sound, taste and sight. But are humans really capable of only these senses? Or do we have more? If so, what exactly are those? This has been a subject of ongoing scientific research for decades. The concept that humans have only five empirical senses (sight/visual, sound/auditory, touch/tactile, taste/gustatory, and

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