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American Horror Story: Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman Not Returning For Season 10

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman has confirmed that will not be returning for the upcoming season 10 of the anthology series, “American Horror Story.” Bowyer-Chapman, who played the role of Andre Stevens in “American Horror Story,” claimed that the opportunity to work in the series was more than a dream come true, but still, that’s not where his attention is now. “I haven’t

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American Horror Stories – The AHS Spinoff To Be Hulu-Exclusive

Ryan Murphy’s new anthology series “American Horror Stories” – a spinoff of “American Horror Story,” will be premiered exclusively on Hulu’s FX hub. Hulu has announced that the weekly anthology will be now considered as an FX on Hulu original, unlike the parent series “American Horror Story,” which has all the previous nine seasons and the upcoming tenth season aired

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