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14 Unknown Facts About ‘The 100’ Even Die-Hard Fans Don’t Know

When “The 100” aired for the first time, the dystopian setting, the complex characters, and not to forget the gritty storyline, made sure to captivate the audience. Even after six fully completed seasons, the storyline is fresh, leaving the fans in awe with just as every episode airs. In fact, “The 100” series, which has been known for its extremely

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The 100 Boss: ‘Anaconda’ To Have Long-Awaited Answers; Check Out ET’s Exclusive Preview of Prequel

With Wednesday’s episode, “The 100” will be back to the beginning of everything – to the Earth’s very first nuclear apocalypse in 2052, and answer some most important questions. “Anaconda,” which will be the backdoor pilot for a new prequel series potentially titled “The 100: Second Dawn,” will give a clear clarity to the audience on many things, including the

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